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We are our own advocates in our healing process. We have the power to educate ourselves and enter partnerships with health and healing professionals. Ancient healing sciences and those newly discovered are converging in our society, it is an exciting time!

As a bodyworker, woman, mother and human in today’s healthcare system, I am incredibly passionate about our need to participate in our own healing process as well as our need to re-source ourselves on every level. Re-source our energy, re-source our health, re-source our souls and return to source again and again.

We each resonate with different forms of healing based on our interests, exposure and most importantly what feels good and true on an instinctual core level. Different modalities speak to us at different times depending on what is challenging our wellbeing - physically and metaphysically.

Different circumstances call for a variety of sources. There is rarely one linear answer as far as our healing goes. We are required to investigate, be creative and think multi-dimensionally. Whether you are a seeker or not, explore. Low-grade discomforts, the common cold, systemic diseases and so on can be seen in many ways. Gratefully, we are living in an era that offers us ancient wisdoms and new understandings. Our job is to show up.

How can we be advocates in our healing process? What is available? What might I experience? These are simple questions that I will explore through the lens of my personal experiences. If you read something that interests you, please be in touch!

Thank you for joining me!

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