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Waking Up to Self Care, Self Nourishment

As parents we nourish our children endlessly with the basics - food, shelter and love - to support their constant state of growth, change and the challenge of integrating their new world. Many of us are called to seek out additional developmental support for our children so that their bodies’ systems learn to work together in optimal ways. When this happens, we rise to the occasion and search to connect the puzzle pieces with our children.

So what about us? Just like our little humans, we are also in a constant state of growth, change and integrating big challenges within adulthood and parenting.

How do we as parents care for ourselves outside of food, shelter and occasional sleep?

First, we might struggle to give ourselves the permission to take that time for our own wellness. Then, most of us scrap around for literally any moment we can find to refit ourselves back together. It is tough and it is essential if we are going to show up to the best of our ability.

One principle found within Shiatsu* is that we must be awake in order to support our healing process. If a recipient falls asleep during a bodywork session, the practitioner is to jostle this person awake so that s/he can be present. We must wake up in order to truly care for ourselves and maximize our own wellness.

How are you giving consciousness to your self nourishment? How do you support, nourish and reconnect with yourself?

Ensuring that we feed ourselves with elements that feed us, root us to our core and help us breathe slowly and deeply is as necessary as everything we give to our families.

Waking up is our first step.

* Shiatsu is an Asian bodywork dating back approximately 4500 years. Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Shiatsu incorporates stretching, massage and acupressure along meridians, or energy channels, to bring balance and improved function to the body and mind.

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